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 Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)

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Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  Empty
PostSubject: Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)    Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  Icon_minitimeDecember 23rd 2012, 9:20 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Toshi, Pheobe Like a Star @ heaven

Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEIzKjm_2yr0-HsZ2okm9gJk9WsYPVp7uGGCzRka6vmP5b7bXIHw

Toshi, Pheobe
Age: 15 yo
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image Above.

Personality: She is Brave and can stand on her own. She is Funny and Outgoing. When it comes to friends, she sticks up for them. She's smart when it comes to 'Fashion and Literature'. She never gives up hope! She is very geeky, meek, bashful, hearty, and sincere. She loves to take care of animals. Her favorite animal is a Cat (Gato). She is a very calm, soft-spoken girl. She's also slightly witty and is the kind of person who when she speaks, what she says is actually a lot more wiser than what a lot of people would say themselves.

Strengths: Painting, Reading, and Talking.

Weaknesses: Being alone, knowing that she failed, and darkness.

Extra: She has a younger brother named: Toshi Devin

History: : When she was younger, she used to always be happy and playful, until her parents got divorced when she was 6 and she was forced to go through it, alone. She felt the darkness of being alone more than ever before. When she was 8, her mother got her a white cat and she named it Gato. She always cherished her precious and most adoring friend, Gato. When she was 9, her mother told her that her cat, Gato, had ran away and never came back, but what really had happened was; her mother was responsible for taking her outside, occasionally, but she lost Gato in the park.
Pheobe felt that she has lost every special person in her life, so she cried and cried, until she couldn't cry anymore. So, when she turned 10, she ran away and found herself lost and alone. She was hurt and had nowhere to go. Until, she saw a purple-ish pink light in the sky, that was hurdling towards her. She didn't know what to do, so the ball of light crashed down right in front of her and revealed a weird device (Digivice). She grabbed it and was sucked into the digital world, which is where she met her Digimon Partner, Puttimon.
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Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)    Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  Icon_minitimeDecember 23rd 2012, 9:23 pm



Appearance:Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  010Puttimon
Attacks: Angel Dust
Digivolves To: Salamon

Appearance:Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  042Plotmon
Rookie: Salamon
Puppy Howling
Petit Punch
Sledge Dash
Digivolves To:Gatomon

Appearance:Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  104Tailmon
Champion: Gatomon
Lightning Claw
Cat's Eye
Cat Tail
Cat Scratch
Digivolves To:Angewoman

Appearance:Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  208Angewomon
Perfect: Angewoman
Celestial Arrow
Heaven's Charm
Holy Air
Digivolves To: Ophanimon

Appearance: Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)  337Ophanimon
Mega: Ophanimon
Eden's Javelin
Sefirot Crystal

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Toshi, Pheobe (Done) (Fixed)
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