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Make your Character. Roleplay. Collect Mercenary Digimon. Complete Missions. Battle Bosses. Its an Endless amount of things you can do!
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Site moving to http://thepfr.forumotion.com/ It is in progress but is ready for people to sign up.

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Here you Can Link to Digimon's Information.
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September 2019
Battle Format.
Digi-Forum RPG - Portal Icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2013, 2:00 pm by Chris
How to Battle
Below is an example of a fight.
All Wild Digimon will be Level 1.
You must have 3 or less digimon on the field.
You have multiple options.
Attack-Attack the opponent
Defend-Defend against an upcoming attack to recieve less damage
Item-Heal your digimon
Move-Move a digimon to a different space.
and Run-Flee from Battle

The Digimons name and health are indicated.
Your digimon in the bottom the opponents in the top.
An admin will set this up for you.
You will also post which digimon your using.
The admin will fill these in too.

Digi-Forum RPG - Portal Airdra
120 HP
Digi-Forum RPG - Portal Gotsu
65 HP
Digi-Forum RPG - Portal Kokuwa

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Digi-Forum RPG - Portal Icon_minitimeDecember 25th 2012, 6:30 pm by Chris
Hey Everyone When Roleplaying their are quite a few rules you must follow.

Both you and your digimon can talk, but they must be different colors. When you describe something thats happening Keep it colorless. Make sure the Colored chat is surrounded by Quotes. Lastly, when you start participating ina roleplay indicate your tamers color, and your digimons color.

"Dorimon you shouldn't eat leaves! Their not food!"
"Sorry Chris, I promise not to eat-"
*Dorimon coughs out the last bit of leaf*
"Hahaha that should teach you a lesson."


The Following is not allowed in Roleplays:
Killing of Humans
Deletion of Wild Digimon/Minor Bosses
(Major Bosses will be Completely destroyed, except for Chaos Gallantmon)
Controlling a Minor/Major Boss.(Admins Control these)
Stealing Items from other Humans
Humans attacking Digimon
Digimon attacking Humans
Humans attacking Humans

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Digi-Forum RPG - Portal Icon_minitimeDecember 23rd 2012, 4:49 pm by Chris
Grand Opening YAY!!!
We just started up and are now currently waiting for members.

For now you can make a character.
Do Missions.
Make an Army/Guild.
Collect Digimon.
Battle Bosses.
More coming soon.

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Mission 7: Defeat SkullGreymon and Save the Missing Boy
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