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Make your Character. Roleplay. Collect Mercenary Digimon. Complete Missions. Battle Bosses. Its an Endless amount of things you can do!
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 Toshi Pheobe's Farm

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Toshi Pheobe's Farm Empty
PostSubject: Toshi Pheobe's Farm   Toshi Pheobe's Farm Icon_minitimeDecember 26th 2012, 12:27 am

Digi-Farm Name:

Current Party:
Toshi Pheobe's Farm AngewoToshi Pheobe's Farm GreynewToshi Pheobe's Farm Growl
Toshi Pheobe's Farm TogeToshi Pheobe's Farm Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-HqR1aIxe1NMDTPG692LgRwZtWa-NDQW29K05X-rYPJec0SafVraOHgToshi Pheobe's Farm Galgo
Hatch Data:5
Merc. Passes:1

Digimon in Farm:

Items Stored in Farm:
Toshi Pheobe's Farm Bright_SwordToshi Pheobe's Farm Couragegif
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Toshi Pheobe's Farm
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