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 Mateo [Done]

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PostSubject: Re: Mateo [Done]   Mateo [Done] Icon_minitimeDecember 27th 2012, 6:53 pm

Tamer: Mateo Matis

Name: Mateo Matis
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Where did you find us?: My sister told me

Looks: Mateo [Done] 385-1

Personality: Mateo is very Caring and Sincere. He cares for all things, plants, animals, and humans. He wanted to start caring for others because most of his childhood was hurt and despair. He knew he had to help other people and other living beings, well, LIVE and SURVIVE...life. He's one of the smartest people he knows because he wants to make sure he stays smart to help the children become smart themselves. He is always correcting the wrong things in life to help the wrongs he had in his childhood. He feels lonely and depressed in life (See History to find out why). When ever he is being talked about or disturbed meanly, his attitude completely changes and he becomes completely outraged by the idiotic remarks. He just explodes when someone hurts a child or makes someone feel bad. Mateo never wants to quit, so he tries his best to help and win. He is a good person and always wants to help more.

History: When Mateo was Nine his father, who worked as a Police Officer, was shot and killed in a very horrible and gruesome hostage situation. After that traumatizing situation, his mother wanted them to move away, so they did. Mateo felt sad and his Eyes and face felt and looked soulless. He finally felt a little better and began to fit in at school and everything! But, just as fast as he began to feel better, his mother was going into Labor when he was 10. As his mother was in the Emergency Room, he over heard the Doctor and Nurses talking about how his mother may not survive the birth of her daughter, who is later named Lily.

His heart sank and he never felt more alone and hurt than ever before. The next day his mother gave birth, then died. He was forced to move into a Foster home without even his newborn sister. So he lived there without his sister, until Six months later. A year had past and he turned Eleven.
The kids at the Foster home were meaner to him than the school Bully, Kevin, was. They picked on him and teased him and even tried to beat him up from time to time.

He was sick and tired of the other kids, so he decided to run away and give up his horrible life. He grabbed his sister, who was One year and Six months old, and ran to a lake nearby. When he was interrupted by, what he thought was a meteor, Digivice that was falling from the sky and directly towards him. He tightened his grip on his sister and ran for the hills. The Digivice landed right in front of Mateo, making him almost tumble backwards. He grabbed the Digivice and a small Digimon popped out and greeted him.


Appearance:Mateo [Done] 003Tsunomon
Acid Bubbles
Digivolves To:Gabumon

Appearance:Mateo [Done] 030Gabumon
Blue Blaster
Horn Attack
Crush Nail
Digivolves To:Garurumon

Appearance:Mateo [Done] 093Garurumon
Howling Blaster
Freeze Fang
Ice Wall
Garuru Thrust
Digivolves To:WereGarurumon

Appearance:Mateo [Done] 214WereGarurumon
Wolf Claw
Garuru Kick
Baldy Blow
Circle Moon Kick
Digivolves To:MetalGarurumon

Appearance:Mateo [Done] 310MetalGarurumon
Cocytus Breath
Grace Cross Freezer
Garuru Tomahawk
Metal Wolf Snout
Metal Howling
Metal Fang
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Mateo [Done]
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