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 Dawn Heart

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PostSubject: Dawn Heart   Dawn Heart Icon_minitimeDecember 26th 2012, 11:09 pm


Name: Dawn Heart
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Where did you find us?: Advertisement

Dawn Heart 725840008_1499814

Dawn is a kind girl. She is calm and cool. She likes to help others out. She doesn't jump to conclusions. She will never give up, no matter how tough it is. She will always fight for her friends. She is very loyal. She is a born fighter. She hates evil. She can easily make friends. She is very smart and likes to play sports.

Dawn was a normal girl. She had a happy life and she was really good in school. One day, when she was using her laptop, a digivice came out of the screen all of the sudden and an egg came out as well. The egg hatched and then a Relemon came out. The Relemon said, "I'm your digimon partner, and you're my tamer," and so Dawn's adventure as a tamer started.



Appearance: Dawn Heart Pbucket
Fresh: Relemon
Attacks: Transformation
Digivolves To: Viximon

Appearance: Dawn Heart Viximon_sprite_by_wooded_wolf-d4arwro
In-Training: Viximon
Attacks: Killing Stone
Digivolves To: Renamon

Appearance: Dawn Heart 048Renamon
Rookie: Renamon
Attacks: Diamond Storm, Kohenkyo, Power Paw
Digivolves To: Kyubimon

Appearance: Dawn Heart 114Kyubimon
Champion: Kyubimon
Attacks: Dragon Wheel, Fox Tail Inferno, Fire Ball, Jaenryu
Digivolves To: Taomon

Appearance: Dawn Heart 231Taomon
Perfect: Taomon
Attacks: Talisman of Light, Thousand Spells, Talisman Star, Talisman Spell, Trinity Force
Digivolves To: Sakuyamon

Appearance: Dawn Heart 327Sakuyamon
Mega: Sakuyamon
Attacks: Spirit Strike, Amethyst Mandala, Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth, Crystal Sphere, Amethyst Wind, Fox Drive
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PostSubject: Re: Dawn Heart   Dawn Heart Icon_minitimeDecember 27th 2012, 12:23 am

5 Hatch Data,Promotion to Bronze Tamer!
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Dawn Heart
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