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 Haruto Takaishi

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PostSubject: Haruto Takaishi   Haruto Takaishi Icon_minitimeDecember 26th 2012, 12:07 am


Name: Haruto Takaishi(He uses Nogami as an alias.)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Where did you find us?: Toshi told me about it on X Evolution Forums.

Looks: Haruto Takaishi Tks_son
Personality: Fun loving, and adventurous. He is quick to try and help someone, even if he doesn't know them. He also likes getting into trouble for the fun of it.

History: He is the son of Takeru, and Hikari. His original partner was a Tokomon, but it died on his first trip to the digital world. He got lost in the Digital World, but met a Frimon which helped him find his way. One Night, a Seraphimon appeared, giving him a Golden Digivice, which linked him with Frimon, now making him his new partner. He also encountered a Creepymon, who tried to kill Frimon, cause he said that he had seen the future, and Frimon will eventually delete him. When he finally got back to the Human World, he discovered that Creepymon followed him, and know Haruto runs around Japan, trying to hide from him, he took on the alias Haruto Nogami, changing his last name, in an effort to conceal his identity.



Appearance: Haruto Takaishi Popomon
Fresh: Popomon
Attacks: Hair Mist
Digivolves To: Frimon

Appearance: Haruto Takaishi Frimon
In-Training: Frimon
Attacks: Shippo Binta
Digivolves To: Liollmon

Appearance: Haruto Takaishi Liollmon
Rookie: Liollmon
Attacks: Leo Claw, Critical Bite
Digivolves To: Liamon

Appearance: Haruto Takaishi Liamon
Champion: Liamon
Attacks: Critical Strike, Thunder of King
Digivolves To: Loader Liomon

Appearance: Haruto Takaishi LoaderLeomon
Perfect: Loader Liomon
Attacks: Boring Storm, Loader Morning Storm
Digivolves To: Bantyo Liomon

Appearance: Haruto Takaishi 349bantyoleomon
Mega: Bantyo Liomon
Attacks: Flash Bantyo Punch, Shishi Raouzan, Otokogi, Burn Bantyo Punch

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Haruto Takaishi
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