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PostSubject: ~Digimon Master~   ~Digimon Master~ Icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2013, 2:17 am

Name of Army: Digimon Masters
Logo of Army:
~Digimon Master~ Digimon-Masters-Logo-580x310
Council Members/Owners of the Army:Mateo
Bits Army Owns:1,000 Bit
Digimon in Possession:
Renamon~Digimon Master~ Rena~Digimon Master~ Rena~Digimon Master~ Rena~Digimon Master~ Rena~Digimon Master~ Rena
Hawkmon~Digimon Master~ HawkBetamon~Digimon Master~ Beta
Airdramon-~Digimon Master~ Airdra
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~Digimon Master~
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