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 Haruto! Mission 1a

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Haruto! Mission 1a Empty
PostSubject: Haruto! Mission 1a   Haruto! Mission 1a Icon_minitimeDecember 30th 2012, 3:31 am

I accept Mission:1 Save Gaomon and Calumon from Goblimon!
My Party: Liollmon
Standby: N/a
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Haruto! Mission 1a Empty
PostSubject: Re: Haruto! Mission 1a   Haruto! Mission 1a Icon_minitimeDecember 30th 2012, 5:00 pm

Haruto! Mission 1a 053Goblimon
"Huh? Who are you Guys?"
"It Doesn't Matter Ill Crush you All!"

-Player Goes First
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Haruto! Mission 1a
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