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Make your Character. Roleplay. Collect Mercenary Digimon. Complete Missions. Battle Bosses. Its an Endless amount of things you can do!
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 Main Plotline

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PostSubject: Main Plotline   Main Plotline Icon_minitimeDecember 23rd 2012, 4:39 pm

All Tamers on the site must Work to
become Platinum Tamers and Maybe even Tamer King!
Every 6 Months all Platinum Tamers can Duke
it out to see whos the toughest and who deserves to be the
Next Tamer King!

In the Missions Center in DATS Center you can accept missions to earn Rewards and become Promoted.
Sometimes People will be selected to do a special Mission that Involves the Plotline.

The Main Villian is Chaos Gallantmon an evil digimon that controls an army that threatens the bond between humans and digimon. The Tamer King must fight this Evil Creature if we hope to keep the Digital and Real Worlds Connected.
Main Plotline 2ir5h7s

Normal Tamers Can Digivolve Their Partner to Rookie and Mercenaries to In Training.
Bronze Tamers Can Digivolve Their Partner to Champion and Mercenaries to In Rookie.
Silver Tamers Can Digivolve Their Partner to Perfect and Mercenaries to Champion.
Gold Tamers Can Digivolve Their Partner to Mega and Mercenaries to Ultimate.
Platinum Tamer Can Digivolve Their Partner to Mega+ and Mercenaries to Mega.
Tamer King is same as Platinum.
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Main Plotline
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